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EU Shipping

We can now accept orders from customers in the EU - Please see details below. Local VAT and customs and handling charges will apply.

Q. Do you ship to the EU?

A. Yes! We ship to most EU regions. If shipping to your region is not offered please contact us.

Our EU DAP 'delivery at place' shipping service means we, the sender, are responsible for the delivery of goods including transport costs to you, the receiver. The cost of carrying out all required import formalities is expressly excluded. These costs are borne by you, the receiver, meaning taxes, import duties and handling charges incurred when the shipment enters the country of destination must be paid by you, the receiver. If VAT and/or customs charges are higher than the regional exemption limits, duties must be paid on the doorstep upon receipt of the consignment. If you are not present at the time of delivery or the outstanding amount cannot be paid, a collection invitation will be left for the shipment.

ParcelForce Logo EU DAP Service (VAT and Customs Charges Payable By Receiver)

Our ParcelForce collection is at 2:00pm each day. Orders placed after 1pm will not be shipped on the same day.

Q. Is there UK VAT on EU orders?

A. No. If your delivery address is in the EU your order will be processed without UK VAT. VAT will be charged to you at your local tax rate before you are able to receive the shipment.

Q. Do additional charges apply?

A. Yes. You will be charged a customs and handling charge per parcel before you can receive the delivery. 

Q. Are additional details required?

A. Yes. If you are an EU business customer we need your EORI number. If you do not supply this with your order your shipment will be delayed.

Q. I have not received my order what should I do?

A. We will contact you to alert you of any delay in the turnaround of your order, so if you have not heard from us and have not received your boxes after a few days, please email

Q. My boxes arrived broken what should I do?

A. Due to the shipping costs we can not replace boxes damaged during international shipping. If you have broken items let us know and we can offer a refund to the value of those items. .