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Weston Boxes - Clear Plastic Poster Tubes

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    The product range at now includes plastic Poster Tubes. The tubes provide a simple, cost effective way to transport or store expensive documents or prints. Consisting of a simple two part design which screws together in the middle allowing easy access to whatever is inside, the largest poster tube will hold A1 paper, the smallest, A4. The general design is the same for each size tube although as you would expect, the length and diameter increases as the tubes get bigger.       Features include: Modern attractive design. Lightweight to minimise postal costs Easy to handle...

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Craft Storage – The Crafty Tool Box

Craft Storage Craft Storage Boxes

 We have started building the mould tool for our new craft storage product – The Crafty Tool Box! This is an A4 sized box with dividers moulded into the base. The tray with dividers will be 55mm deep. A storage box with dividers is something we have been getting a lot of demand for, but the problem is everyone wants something different! The design that we are planning to run with is a ‘tool box’ type layout. Compartments for paint brushes / pens and pencils / smaller items are all present. Another option we were considering was one specifically for...

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Craft Storage Ideas – Sandra’s Craft Blog

Craft Storage Craft Storage Boxes Crafts

 Hi, Sandra here again! Lots of craft storage ideas from Westons this month! Our new Crafty Tool Box is almost ready for release. The box is A4 in size and 55mm deep manufactured in clear plastic. It has dividers moulded into the base which makes it the perfect storage item for any crafter who has small parts, embellishments or beads to organise. The pre-order launch of the crafty tool box has prompted me to get back to thinking about my idea for producing a plastic moulded crafty cutting template which would allow me to cut scalloped and fancy edges on...

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Weston Boxes – Reid Weston Company Director

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  Hello, i’m Reid Weston, company director of Weston Boxes I’d like to thank all of you who came and spoke to Chris or myself on the Weston Boxes stand at the Birmingham N.E.C. last week. We made a lot of new business connections over the course of the two shows that we attended and managed to re-established a fair few old ones too which was very pleasing. We got a great response promoting our new products, particularly the Multi-Box Storage Unit which many of you have now placed orders for. Weston Boxes is a range which has grown based...

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Weston Boxes - Sandra’s Craft Blog - SRA3 Boxes

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  Hi all, Sandra here with my second craft blog post for WestonBoxes, today im going to look at our new SRA3 Boxes. So we are well into the start of another year and yes we have lots of new projects on the go, one of which is the new SRA3 boxes. I can’t wait to get my hands on one or two of these. I know that this size box will have so many uses. They will be the same depth as the A4 boxes – we think that 55mm is about right (you can get a full ream...

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