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Sandra’s Craft Blog – SRA3 Boxes

Paper Storage Print Packaging Boxes Print Storage SRA3

 Hi to you all! Im going to talk about our newest product in this post, the huge SRA3 paper storage box! Although the SRA3 boxes were introduced after demands from the print trade, I must say, as a crafter, that I have really taken to them. This box is more than twice the size in length and width of the A4 box (its 460 x 330mm internally), but still the same depth at 55mm. It is also really sturdy, therefore stacking well with the other boxes especially the A4. I have at home some A3 cardstock and paper which I...

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Extendable Document Tube

Paper Storage Print Storage

 Its not just boxes here at WestonBoxes! We also have a range of polypropylene storage tubes which are ideal for protection of large format prints, plans or photos. This is the Ultimate! Document Tube – its extendable so it will hold up to A0 sized prints easily. Click here to buy the Ultimate Document Tube at

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Promotional Products – Business Card Wallets

business card promotional products

Looking for a great new idea for your next promotional product? We have developed a plastic business card wallet which is possibly one of the most effective promotional products on the market. Trust us, we have given out thousands promoting our own range of storage boxes, and the amount of compliments we get regarding the smart, colourful and most importantly – useful business card wallet, is quite suprising. Why not give it a go at your next trade show! Bulk orders of promo wallets start at 250 units, or if you only need a few, you can buy small quantities...

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SRA3 Storage Box

Paper Storage Print Packaging Boxes SRA3

 SRA3 Storage Box At Weston Boxes we’ve created the perfect SRA3 Storage Box. It is a heavy duty transparent plastic SRA3 storage box designed to package, present or store large format prints and print media. It is available for sale right now in our store! 

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Green Plastic Business Card Boxes

Business Card Box colour boxes Embellishment Boxes Packing Boxes

   These bright green plastic business card boxes are available to buy online at Each box – at 35mm deep – holds 125 business cards. If thats not enough we do also sell a Double Depth Business Card Box which will hold 250 business cards – the Double Depth box is 70mm deep. These boxes are designed to pack present and store business cards, but of course they are useful for a great many other things. In the arts and crafts trade these boxes are known as Embellishment Boxes as they are perfect for the storage of beads, sequins,...

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