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WestonBoxes News — Embellishment Boxes

Green Plastic Business Card Boxes

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   These bright green plastic business card boxes are available to buy online at Each box – at 35mm deep – holds 125 business cards. If thats not enough we do also sell a Double Depth Business Card Box which will hold 250 business cards – the Double Depth box is 70mm deep. These boxes are designed to pack present and store business cards, but of course they are useful for a great many other things. In the arts and crafts trade these boxes are known as Embellishment Boxes as they are perfect for the storage of beads, sequins,...

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Sandra’s Craft Blog - Post 6

Craft Boxes Craft Storage Embellishment Boxes Storage Boxes

You may have already read the piece that Chris has written about the Crafty Tool Box, well I just wanted to add to that with a more practical demonstration of how useful this box is for us crafters! One of the main reasons this works so well is that the dividers are actually moulded into the base which effectively makes it a one piece tray once you remove the lid.  I have found that as an alternative use, having this in the bottom of your desk draw is very handy for keeping the small stationery bits and bobs in order.Because...

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