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WestonBoxes News — Craft Boxes

A6 Craft Storage Box

A6 Box Craft Boxes Craft Storage Craft Storage Boxes Crafts

 Crafters! Our A6 craft storage box is perfect for storing many of the tools of your trade… Ink pads and rollers fit especially well. They’re available from in 5 colours and standard clear. Click here to buy now!

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Sandra’s Craft Blog - Post 6

Craft Boxes Craft Storage Embellishment Boxes Storage Boxes

You may have already read the piece that Chris has written about the Crafty Tool Box, well I just wanted to add to that with a more practical demonstration of how useful this box is for us crafters! One of the main reasons this works so well is that the dividers are actually moulded into the base which effectively makes it a one piece tray once you remove the lid.  I have found that as an alternative use, having this in the bottom of your desk draw is very handy for keeping the small stationery bits and bobs in order.Because...

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Craft Storage – Multi Box Storage Unit

Craft Boxes Craft Storage Craft Storage Boxes Crafts

  The ultimate craft storage product is here… The Multi-Box Storage Unit has landed! The flat pack cardboard unit is doing really well! So far with about 400 units sold we have only had one person who was unable to figure out the assembly process! Amazing! If you have one of our MBSU’s and you’ve got it loaded up then let us know what you think. Does it hold up ok to the weight? Was it easy to assemble? What are you storing in it!? We like feedback! You now have the option of buying the MBSU as a special...

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