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Random Coloured Plastic Boxes – Low Prices!

 random coloured plastic storage boxesIf you are the kind of customer for whom the price of your boxes is more important than colour then we have something new which may be of interest to you – Random coloured plastic boxes!

S.B.Weston manufacture standard clear boxes 90% of the time – we have facilities in house to recycle any that are not fully formed or are damaged during manufacture, meaning we do not waste any clear Polypropylene during the manufacturing process.

When we manufacture coloured plastic boxes there are a certain amount of boxes produced as the colour seeps through which are not solid colours – ie they are not consistently the same colour, or they are a mix of two colours or a transition from one colour to another. The results can be quite interesting – some people prefer them but, they are not consistent, they are Randoms!

We are now offering Random coloured plastic boxes at a discounted rate to you!

We can’t say what colour they will be, they may be a mix of many colours, they may have swirly patterns in them or they may be solid colours! All we can promise is that they are fully formed mouldings which serve their purpose as well as a standard clear or colour box.

We will publish details of what random coloured plastic boxes are in stock on our website along with the discounted rates.
Remember – the reason these boxes are cheaper is because the colours are completely random! The boxes themselves are exactly the same as the standard boxes.

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