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Craft Storage - Multi Box Storage Units

 cardboard storage unit for crafters

They’re here! Multi Box Storage Units are now in stock.

Designed to stack 8 A4 boxes or 8 A5 and 4 DL boxes, these flat packed cardboard units are a cost effective way to neatly store your WestonBoxes.
Ideal for crafters looking for a way to organise their supplies, or in the office for storing paper and stationery, these simple white units will keep your boxes neatly stacked and easy to access. If you’re having problems assembling your unit then watch the video tutorial on our website, where I’ve explained step by step the assembly process of both possible configurations. A big thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the units, we really appreciated your patience during that period. We hope you’re happy with the product.

For those who don’t yet own one, Multi Box Storage Units are available here!

Thanks! The WestonBoxes Team
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