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Weston Boxes - CraftPacks in 4 New Colours

 colourful craft storage boxes

WestonBoxes CraftPacks consist of an A4 Storage Box with either 17 Business Card Boxes (an 18 Box Set) or, 4 Deep Business Card Boxes and 9 Business Card Boxes inside (a 14 Box set).

The CraftPack is an ideal way for crafters to store small embellishments, glitters, beads etc in a container which allows easy viewing and access of the parts without having to unclip lids or catches.Due to an increase in sales of this product line on our website, we have now introduced the 14 and 18 box CraftPacks in new colour options.
The original 14 box set which consisted of a clear A4 with green,red,blue and purple Embellishment/Business Card Boxes is still available, but is now complimented by a Pink/Purple – and also a Purple/Pink variation. A complete set of transparent boxes is also now available as the 18 box set.

Confused? Don’t be!   You can view all the CraftPacks here

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