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Weston Boxes - 50 Million Boxes Sold!

 weston boxes 50 million boxes soldS.B.Weston just celebrated the sale of the 50 millionth Weston Box! That’s right folks, 50,000,000 recyclable, reusable plastic boxes out there with our name on.

We have come a long way since the introduction of the first Business Card Box back in 1999. In fact we have sold 44 million of that particular product and now have robotised production which runs 24/5 at our plant in West London. The robot only sleeps at weekends!

The WestonBoxes product range grew rapidly through the 00’s with the introduction of the Compliment Slip Box, then the paper storage boxes A4 (now with a million sold) and A5 and A6.The craft market opened up to us in 2005 when the A4 was adopted by crafters looking for a way to store their expensive papers and cardmaking supplies. They soon took to many of the other box sizes and due to constant requests, we initiated the production of the Peel Off and the 12×12 Box tools as new products specifically designed for the craft market.

All boxes in our product range have now sold hundreds of thousands of units and continue to sell as new people discover new uses for the boxes.
We are constantly expanding our range with our webstore now selling Colour Boxes, TOUGH Boxes, Craft Packs and all sorts of other polypropylene storage items from hat boxes to shoe boxes to portfolio folders. There are new products planned for the new year, and new goals to set our sights on…Thanks for your support this far, we really appreciate it! Bring on the 100 millionth box!

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